History of Police Boxing - Memorable Moments -  
The Police Boxing Association has been in existence and continually active since 1906. 
To see our memorable moments in our History 
See below for some snap shots of our memories! 


• 1979 First official British Police Boxing Association Committee formed. The primary post holders were: President – Sir James Anderton Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police; Chairman – Bob Lawrence Deputy Chief Constable Staffordshire Constabulary and subsequently Chief Constable South Wales; Deputy Chairman – David Baker Assistant Chief Constable West Midland Police; Secretary Barry Jones MBE a Detective Constable Metropolitan Police; Members included William McAllister ACC Royal Ulster Constabulary [now PSNI]; Sergeant Robert Fisher Merseyside Police; Constable Steve Watson West Midlands Police. 


• 18th November 1992 On this date the new ABAE [now as a Limited Company] was formed as a result of which, the British Police B.A. came under the jurisdiction of the newly formed ‘Amateur Boxing Association of England Limited’ [ABAE Limited] 
• 12th July 1997 A meeting took place of representatives from all British Police Boxing Association clubs and the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain at the West Midlands Police Training Establishment, Tally-Ho, Birmingham. There was overwhelming support for the concept of an ‘alliance’ of police community boxing clubs with the emphasis being put on service to the community by volunteer police officers and civil staff through community boxing clubs 
• 17th January 1998 At a meeting of the ABAE Limited – Executive Council, the Home Office and Civil Service were formally included within the Police Association. This instruction incorporated such organisations as the Prison Service some Fire Service athletes and other Home Office and Civil Service employees 
At this same meeting, the National Governing Body adopted the new title for the organisation, The Police and Community Boxing Association of England [PCBA] 


• 3rd May 1989 At a meeting held in Belfast NI, the Police B.A. was officially adopted by the Police Athletic Association [now known as Police Sport UK] as the Boxing Section of that UK governing body of police sport. From that date the overarching title of the Section was ‘The British Police Boxing Association’ and teams formed from that date were to be called ‘British Police Teams’ 


• 2004 The Police Association was asked by the ABAE Limited to formulate rules for Female Boxing, based similarly on the male Novice Championships again on the Police ‘Graded’ boxing system of rules. They were adopted by the ABAE Limited and the Police Association staged the first Female Championships at the Hendon Police College in that same year 


• 2012 – 2013 Saw the PCCGB forming the country’s first prison-based Olympic Boxing ‘Coaches Academy’ within Doncaster Prison & YOI in South Yorkshire in partnership with SERCO Limited and the Ministry of Justice 
• 2019 – Current Committee Patrons of the PCBA are Lord John Stevens QPM LL.B the former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Gerry Sutcliffe who was in Her Majesty’s Government holding in particular, the post of Sports Minister 2007-2010 and Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt of the Metropolitan Police. 
• 2019 - Barry Jones MBE completes forty years continuous service as the Secretary of the Police Boxing Association and the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain. 
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