CONTENDER AM-BOX PROGRAMME First steps into Olympic Boxing skills & fitness 

The Contender Am-Box course is recognised as the first steps into the sport of Olympic boxing as a volunteer, athlete or coach. It does not require any previous experience in sport. It is predominately aimed at children and young people from 5 years upwards. 
This programme is entirely non-contact it is designed to introduce children and young people in an age appropriate and friendly way, the basic skills of Olympic Boxing whilst providing fun and fitness without the physical contact normally associated with this sport; 
It provides certification and membership of the National Governing Body [England Boxing] at no cost as a recreational boxer and of the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain; 
This is a proven vehicle for engagement with both main stream and hard to reach communities; 
It’s over-riding attractions to delivery coaches is the low cost [see licence fees below] and flexibility in delivery modes all settings including schools; 
The programme can be adapted for delivery to the disabled including the deaf, those who suffer from dementia, loss of mobility, and a multitude of hard to reach groups and communities; 
It provides a pathway to membership of the Police Clubs, NGB registered sports clubs and a lifetime in sporting, healthy activities; 
In many circumstances it provides opportunities to introduce Citizenship modules into the delivery syllabus. The numerous Citizenship modules address local engagement priorities and national ‘inclusion’ targets for a diverse range of agencies wishing to broaden engagement in an innovative way. 


The Contender Am-Box course sits perfectly within both curricular and non-curricular school sport, with or without the inclusion of citizenship programmes. 
There are many trained teachers and coaches who will deliver this programme however, if the school teacher has successfully completed the one-day Boxing Leader course, he or she will be more than competent to deliver this course. Clearly this ticks boxes for schools seeking to include a enjoyable and safe sporting activity into their respective school sports portfolio. 


The Contender Am-Box programme is widely used by schools, police, Children’s Services, Pupil Referral Units [PRU’s] and Youth Offending Teams [YOT’s] not only for its simplicity in achieving engagement but, its acknowledged ‘street cred’. Prior to concentrating on Olympic Boxing, the Police Clubs trialed numerous other sports with only limited success in engaging with hard to reach groups. Albeit, the programme is ‘non-contact’, the fact that it was associated with boxing was, we are told, the reason that such diverse groups chose to engage. 


The Contender Am programme can be adapted to allow a wide spectrum across all ages with disabilities / or special needs to participate in this course.  
For further information, please contact the Police Clubs Headquarters office at 
Simply put, a Boxing Leader and any level of NGB coach. The Boxing Leader and Level 1 coach must be supervised by a NGB coach of at least Level 2. 
The exception to this is where a Boxing Leader or Level 1 NGB coach delivers to a school group in any setting and there is a school teacher present. 
Provided at all times that the Level 2 NGB coach and those more qualified can deliver the Contender Am-Box programme provided at all times they are in the possession of a Licence to do so. Please see below under ‘Licences’. 
Level 2 coaches of any other Sport England recognised sport may deliver the Contender Am-Box programme on the same terms as the Level 2 NGB coach provided that they have successfully passed the Boxing Leader course and, they are in possession of the Police Clubs insurance covering such deliveries. 


The Contender Am-Box course is extremely flexible and can be delivered in a wide range of formats. The various formats are fully outlined in the Contender Am-Box Manual and Lesson Plans, provided free to deliverers when purchasing Licences and / or insurance cover. Examples of deliveries are: 
As a 1, 2 or 3 day course [in schools, either curricular or non-curricular]; 
As a term-long curricular or ‘after school’ programme; 
As a school holiday programme [a much-applauded format by police as a Sport & Citizenship engagement programme]; 
In any other format which suits both the delivery coach and the participants. 


The Contender Am-Box licence fees are based on the programme delivered: 
Deliveries between 1 & 3 days Licence Fee: £25.00p 
Holiday Programmes not exceeding 6 weeks: Licence Fee: £50.00p 
Unlimited deliveries not exceeding 6 months Licence Fee: £100.00p 
Unlimited deliveries not exceeding 12 months Licence Fee: £150.00p 
NOTE: Only the delivery Boxing Leader / coach may apply for the licence from the  
Police Clubs Administration Manager at 
No other fees are payable to the Police Clubs 


Boxing Leaders, Level 1 NGB coaches and Level 2 coaches from other Sport England recognised sports who have successfully passed the Boxing Leader course, may deliver unsupervised provided they have purchased the Police Clubs insurance to do so and they have the necessary licence .  
Please see below under ‘Licences.’ 
NOTE: Insurance is currently £40 per annum  
and can be obtained from the  
Police Clubs Administration Manager at: 
The Boxing Leader / Delivery Coach may charge his client [who may be a school, college, club, police, PRU etc a reasonable fee; 
The Boxing Leader / Coach should include the appropriate fee to cover both licence and insurance fees together with his / her own delivery fee which may be hourly or a daily rate as agreed by your clients. 
The Boxing Leader / Coach may consider it more appropriate to levy a fee to cover all costs based on the number of students attending ie: on a ‘cost per student’ basis. 
If you are a school teacher, youth worker, police officer Boxing Leader or Coach etc, you should contact the Police Clubs Administration Manager at 
The Administrator will require the following details: 
Date and full address [including post code] of the delivery; 
The name, address, telephone number and Email address of the delivery coach; 
The current qualification of the delivery coach; 
The anticipated number of students to be delivered to. 
The Administration Manager will then issue the delivery Boxing Leader or Coach the following upon payment of the appropriate fees [Licence fee and Insurance fee – if appropriate]: 
A licence to deliver; 
A copy of the attendance register; This register must be fully completed and returned to the Police Clubs Administration Manager at the end of the authorised deliveries. NOTE: All who attend for any length of time must be included on the attendance register; 
A Contender Am-Box Manual containing full schedule of lesson plans; 
A copy of the Police Clubs All New ‘Tag Boxing Manual’; 
An electronic copy template of the Parental Consent form and Risk Assessment report; 
An electronic copy of the ‘Pass Certificate’. 
Other than the Licence fee / Insurance fee [if appropriate], there are no other charges for these resources. 

Testimonials and Commendations 

“The Contender programme has been professionally compiled by experts in various fields. As the National Amateur [now referred to as Olympic] Boxing Coach I clearly recognised Contender’s place at the forefront of the recruitment of children and young people who through its delivery, will learn boxing, personal and citizenship skills that will stay with them throughout their lives. Without hesitation, I commend the programme to you”. 
Michael Gannon BEM – Previously the England National Coach 
“I have two sons who attended the programme, they absolutely loved it. The talks on gun, knife and gang crime has had a major impact on them. They are now both attending a registered ABA club on a regular basis – What a great programme”. 
Mrs. McNicholls – North East London 
“I commend this programme to you all and readily recommend it to schools across the nation” 
Gerry Sutcliffe MP – Sports Minister 2007 – 2010 
If you require any further information on the Contender AM-Box Programme, please e-mail us at: 
“This has been fantastic for the school and we would welcome it back again, in fact I am pushing to get it delivered across the whole borough. Thank you so much”. 
Debbie Ram, Deputy Head of School, Brent, London 
“Prior to taking up post as the National Coach of Scotland and subsequently prior to being appointed to the post of the Australian National Coach I used the Contender Programme both as a general engagement tool and as an introduction to the sport of boxing. This was particularly successful whilst delivering outreach programmes whilst head of boxing at Bradford FE College – a great programme !” 
Kevin Smith, National Olympic Boxing Coach, Australia 
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