The Tag Boxing Programme  

The Police Clubs ‘Tag Boxing’ programme is the first of its kind, together with other skills-based games, this was published and trialed immediately after, the 2012 London Olympic Games and is a particularly well-presented resource which supported the 2012 Olympic legacy programme. 
The programme and its superbly constructed elements have been put together by a number of Advanced level coaches including two previous National Coaches [England & Scotland] who collectively have been directly involved in the sport for over 70 years and, individually headed other national teams throughout the world. They were also supported by educationalists who have lent their skills to the compilation of the programme. 
These experts in their field together with their vision and knowledge is reflected in this innovative and cleverly produced programme which is fun, whilst at the same time providing great skills development. This is a safe and fun way of delivering ‘non-contact’ Olympic boxing skills to children and adults alike in any environment and in particular within schools, and in doing this they have created a pathway to long term involvement in sport. 
As a stand-alone resource within the now famous Police Clubs – Contender Am-Box programme, the delivery of these skills games is a natural first step into Olympic style boxing which then allows the student the option of progressing further by participating in the full Contender Am-Box or even the famous Olympic Boxing Leader course. 
All the afore-mentioned programmes offer absolutely safe recognised pathways into the sport of Olympic boxing as a future Coach. 
“I commend this programme to you all and readily recommend it to schools across the nation.” 
Gerry Sutcliffe – Patron 
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