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Contender Am-Box Programme


The non-contact Contender Am-Box Programme
The first steps into Olympic Boxing skills & fitness

Why choose Contender Am-Box

  • This programme is fully endorsed by the National Governing Body [NGB] for Olympic boxing – England Boxing
  • It provides certification and membership of the NGB for one year as a recreational member
  • It is the perfect vehicle for engagement with both main stream and hard to reach communities
  • Its over-riding attractions are value for money and the flexibility in delivery in numerous exciting formats
  • It provides a pathway to registered clubs and a lifetime in sporting / fitness activities
  • It provides opportunities to introduce Citizenship modules into the syllabus, thereby delivering a bespoke programme to each and every deliverer

The over-riding attraction of Contender Am-Box is it’s ‘value for money’ and the ‘flexibility in delivery in numerous exciting formats.’

It is recognised as the first steps into sport in particular Olympic Boxing delivering non-contact skills, fitness, healthy living and importantly, fun.

This innovative course does not demand previous experience in sport. It is aimed at children and young people from 5 years to 15 years.

With the inclusion of Citizenship modules it addresses all the ‘inclusion’ targets for a diverse range of agencies wishing to broaden engagment in an innovative way.

Within Schools

Contender Am-Box sits perfectly within both curricular and non-curricular school sport and Citizenship activities.

There are many trained Leaders and Coaches who will deliver this programme however, if the school teacher has completed the ‘one day’ Leader course, he / she is will be conversant and qualified to deliver Contender Am-Box whilst being fully insured by the NGB [England Boxing].

Within challenging groups

Contender Am-Box is widely used by schools, Police, Children’s Services, Pupil Referral Units [PRU’s] and Youth Offending Teams [YOT’s], not only because of its simplicity in achieving engagement but, its ‘street cred’. Prior to concentrating on Olympic Boxing, the Police Clubs trialed numerous other sports however, the fact that it was associated with ‘boxing’ albeit being ‘all non-contact’ was, we are told, the reason they chose to engage.

Addressing Disability & Special needs

Contender Am-Box can be adapted to allow a wide spectrum of youngsters with disabilities and / or special needs to complete the course.

Who can deliver Contender Am-Box

Simply put, a Boxing Leader and a Level 1 England Boxing coach can deliver Contender Am-Box provided that he / she is accompanied by a Level 2 England Boxing coach. Alternatively, both these qualifications [Boxing Leader & Level 1 coach] are permitted to deliver in schools without the presence of a Level 2 England Boxing coach provided a school teacher is present.

NOTE1: School teachers and/or Police or Fire officers and staff who have gained the Boxing Leader qualification may deliver Contender Am-Box without further supervision.
NOTE2: Level 2 & above ‘England Boxing’ coaches may deliver Contender Am-Box
NOTE3: Provided they have completed the one day Boxing Leader course, Level 2 coaches in any other sporting discipline may deliver Contender Am-Box

How long is a Contender Am-Box course delivered over

As outlined briefly above, the Contender Am-Box course can be delivered in a wide range of formats fully explained within the Contender Am-Box Delivery Manual & Lesson Plans for instance;

  • As a 1; 2 or 3 day curricular or non-curricular programme in schools;
  • As a ‘term-long’ curricular or ‘after school’ programme;
  • As a school holiday programme or
  • In any other appropriate setting delivering any of the above formats.


There are three areas of cost for the Boxing Leader / Coach to consider:
Each programme of delivery must be ‘licenced’ by the Police Clubs / England Boxing;

The cost of the licence is as follows:

1 Day deliveries
Licence cost:
2 Day deliveries
Licence cost:
Term long deliveries
Licence cost:
Holiday programmes
Licence cost:

NOTE: ONLY the delivery coach / Boxing Leader may apply for the Licence from the Police Clubs Administration Office [details below].

No other charges are levied by either the Police Clubs or England Boxing.

The delivery coach should include the appropriate licence fee when calculating his own fees which may include his personal delivery fee [per hour] and any venue hire charges where appropriate.

It may be considered more appropriate if the Boxing Leader / coach seeks a fee to cover all costs based on numbers of students attending ie: cost per student.

I wish to book the delivery of the Contender Am-Box programme how do I do this

Whether you are a Boxing Leader, Coach, School, Police or Fire officer or any other member of the public, in the first instance you should contact the Police Club’s Administrator shown BELOW.

The administrator will want details of the following:

  • Date of delivery [ies];
  • Address of delivery [ies];
  • Name & address of delivering Boxing Leader or Coach;
  • Anticipated number of students.

The administrator will issue you the following:

  • Upon payment of the appropriate licence fee [see ABOVE] the Licence will be issued;
  • A copy of a bespoke ATTENDANCE REGISTER – This must be fully completed at the time of delivery and RETURNED to the Police Clubs Administrator;
  • A Contender Am-Box Manual & Lesson Plans
  • A copy of the ALL NEW Tag Boxing Manual & Lesson Plans
  • A electronic template for the Contender Am-Box Certificate for issue to the student at the completion of the course

NOTE: Other than the Licence fee, there is no further charge for these resources.

To Book a Contender Am-Box course or for any further help, assistance or advice – contact us:

Development Officer
The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain
‘Windsor Lodge’
17 Tower Road [Level 1]
Dorset BH13 6HX
Tel: 01237 474 869 MB: 0777 63 93 538
The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain
National Administration Centre
Lark Rise
Devon EX39 5HN
Office: 07580 898620

A Fully Endorsed England Boxing Programme