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Publishers (contracted)



As with our serving colleagues, we will never contact you personally

We engage publishing companies placing them under contract / agreement for specific publications

By going to the side bar heading ‘Authorised Publishers’ you can view the list of bona-fide publishers to The Police Clubs of Great Britain together with the publications that they are contracted to

This list outlines all the publications we have agreed to sub contract however, some may not be ‘current’ awaiting new publishing dates as and when commissioned

All our contractors work to an agreed script and procedure which we have scrutinised and agreed

If you have any concerns whatsoever, please go to the side bar on this web page  marked ‘Authorised Publishers’ – In cases of verification, concern or any other enquiry, contact the relevant contractor who has provided the name of one single point of contact [SPOC] who in all cases is either the Proprietor of the company or a senior manager.

May we, at The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain, thank you for your support, without which we could not carry out a great deal of the work we strive to do