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The National Police Community Trust [NPCT] and The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain [PCCGB] are administered by the same officers however, IMPORTANTLY each organisations have separate roles and are very distinct from each other.

THE NPCT All our ‘charitable’ work is processed through the NPCT for instance, if an individual, company or group wish to ‘donate’ funds for any of our programmes, or specific projects they will be strictly dealt with appropriately as required of a correctly registered charity within England and Wales.

The PCCGB Is a registered company at Companies House. The PCCGB deals with all non-charitable ‘commercial’ business. Many of our programmes are run on a commercial basis albeit these are linked to our sport and citizenship themes. The PCCGB is a commercial operation who sells programmes, pay ‘limited’ essential staff and pay all business taxes, VAT etc as with any other reputable company.


We do many things, all of which are aimed at providing a safer and more inclusive life for the most disadvantaged children and young people in our communities. In this short resume, I will outline both our structure and our work.

It is important to note that the PCCGB / NPCT is administered ‘entirely’ by serving and retired police officers and, as and when required we engage with some of the most experienced, innovative and informed consultants in Citizenship and Community Project delivery in the United Kingdom.

The day-to-day work is organised by the following retired officers:

The Secretary – Barry Jones MBE

The founder of the PCCGB, Barry has now retired from the Metropolitan Police where in his final five year post, set up the Operation ‘Paladin Child’ office at London Heathrow Airport, which targeted worldwide child smuggling through UK ports. Upon retirement he was engaged by the Home Office Immigration Inspectorate reviewing Child Protection, Child Smuggling and Trafficking issues for a year. He has now become fully engaged in the work of the The Clubs & The Trust.

The Chairman – Derek Hulten

Another founder member, Derek is a retired Superintendent from Essex Constabulary who devotes his time to working directly for The Clubs & The Trust.

Treasurer – Gordon Valentine

Again, a founder member, Gordon retired as a Detective Inspector from the Metropolitan Police in 2011. He now assists The Clubs & The Trust as his ‘day job’ allows.

Our Work

There is no shortage of ideas, drive and enthusiasm to develop initiatives. Accessing the funds and resources to turn those initiatives into tangible activities, can be a difficult and frustrating task, especially for young people who are anxious to see their hopes and plans come to fruition. We seek to support them in the provision of funds through various means including partnership arrangements with fundraising professionals [The Trust] and commercial enterprise [The PCCGB].


We support projects, which seek to develop children and young people into good and active citizens who can make a positive contribution to their communities. These will include activities to tackle social exclusion, truancy, bullying, working with excluded pupils and many other community-based initiatives some, but not all of which are listed below.

Police Community Clubs

Although we are not primarily a fund provider to our affiliated clubs, we support numerous Police Community Clubs. As a requirement, each club must have at least one serving or retired police officer or police civil staff on their management committee and sign up to our rules and aims. The rationale around this requirement is five fold:

  • Where projects are the subject of applications for funding, the officer[s] must ensure that such projects fall within or compliment ‘local crime reduction strategies’;
  • The officer[s] seek to engage with hard to reach or disadvantaged children & young people wherever and whenever possible;
  • The officer[s] ensure that any funding provided is spent in the manner outlined in the application;
  • The officer[s] ensure that any project supported, is capable of being sustained by the group ‘after’ its completion;
  • The officer[s] facilitate a close working relationship with their local Police Commander and/or staff.

For further information please call our office on:
Tel: 01202 768758 | Office MB: 0777 6393538 | or e-mail on or

Support for Olympic Style Boxing Programmes

Since our inception we have recognised the value of engagement with children and young people through sporting activity. The demographic of the hard to reach young people we aim to work with demanded that we thoroughly research an appropriate sport with which we could achieve such engagement, after trialling a number of sports, we found that Olympic style boxing was the key.

Using this sport we have developed into a major provider of sports coaching, and integrated the British Police Boxing Association into our structure. See below the many projects that this section has devised and are delivered widely across the UK, many of which include elements of our Citizenship programmes.

Further Education Sports Academies

Our latest and ‘flagship’ partnership in this field is with the Bradford FE & HE College in West Yorkshire where we have jointly supported the college through the formation of the Boxing scholarship and Boxing Academy now named The Bradford Police and College Boxing Academy.

2012 saw the opening of the new £2m boxing centre which has state of the art technology and all the equipment necessary to provide the finest facility in the United Kingdom.

From this facility, working in partnership with West Yorkshire Police, officers from that force carry out sport and citizenship programmes in Mosques and with hard to reach communities in that geographical area.

We intend to forge similar partnerships with other FE & HE Colleges placed strategically throughout the United Kingdom.

Provision of Educational Material

With the help of educationalists and other experts in their respective fields, we produce educational material which addresses ‘current’ subjects that support and compliment learning for children, their
parents and teachers alike.

With a Citizenship theme, some of the subjects currently addressed are Bullying, Vandalism, Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol, Weapons, Gun Knife & Gang Crime and Children and Young People’s Safety on the WWW.

New titles are continually being introduced therefore you are advised to contact our central office on 01202 768758 to learn of all new publications.

Whenever possible we endeavour to provide these publications, free of charge to children, parents, schools, hospitals, clubs etc.

In order to be able to do this, we engage sales companies who identify persons, companies or organisations that purchase them on behalf of the recipients. In recent months, the popularity of the publications has seen them also being purchased directly by schools from their own resource budgets.

If you would like to purchase any of these publications please call our office on:
Tel: 01202 768758 | Office MB: 0777 6393538 | or e-mail on or

Alternatively, please contact our partner contractor at Community Initiative Associates in Chester for details or the purchase of our expanding portfolio on educational material and projects. You will find the contact details for Community Initiative Associates on the ‘Contractor’s’ page of our web site

Disclosure & Barring Service [DBS] Checks – previously CRB

Both The Clubs and The Trust have a strict policy that all persons who are involved in the supervision or caring of children, young people or vulnerable adults within our own or sponsored activities must be cleared to Enhanced Level through the Disclosure & Barring Service [DBS].

To this end, The Police Clubs are a Registered and Umbrella Body within the DBS [DBS Registered Body No: 22707800006]. As such we not only ensure a safe environment for our own children, young people and vulnerable adults, we also encourage and offer [for a small administrative fee] the provision of DBS checks to other organisations upon request.

Whatever organisation you are, if you wish to discuss the DBS service we provide, please call our office on:
Tel: 01202 768758 | Office MB: 0777 6393538 | or e-mail on or

First Aid Courses

Delivered by fully qualified tutors, we facilitate the whole range of 1st Aid courses particularly sport related.

If you would like further information regarding 1st Aid Courses please call our office on:
Tel: 01202 768758 | Office MB: 0777 6393538 | or e-mail on or

Safeguarding & Protecting Children & Vulnerable Adult courses

Delivered by serving / retired Police Child Safeguarding Officers, we provide a full range of Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adult courses to match your volunteer or professional needs. As a professional organisation with strong links to the world of safeguarding we also provide Safeguarding Personnel to suit the needs of any company, organisation or environment.

We also design, write and publish Safeguarding Policies & Procedures and their Manuals / Lesson Plans specifically addressing this subject area in individual sports and organisations.

We have provided this service across a range of National Governing Bodies of sport.

If you would like further information on our Safeguarding Services please call our office on:
Tel: 01202 768758 | Office MB: 0777 6393538 | or e-mail on or

Current Projects

Project – ‘Sports Clubs in the Muslim Community’

Working with the UK wide Muslim community and in collaboration with the Home Office and Police Service we have formed sports clubs within or in the vicinity of Mosques. This programme proved very successful and variations of the programme have been particularly successful in London, Thames Valley and West Yorkshire.

Project – ‘Stolen Lives’

This interactive Community based project addressing Gun, Knife and Gang Crime was initially rolled out by The Clubs on behalf of The Metropolitan Police and Home Office to eleven London Boroughs during 2010 / 2011. The success of this project has been acknowledged nationwide and has generated interest throughout the England, Wales and Scottish Police Services.

If you would like further information on our Stolen Lives Programme please call our office on:
Tel: 01202 768758 | Office MB: 0777 6393538 | or e-mail on or Quoting Stolen Lives

Project – ‘Uchooze’

Now administered by The Trust this bespoke ‘Uchooze’ peer education programme was created in 2012. This innovative programme addresses Gang Culture, Alcohol Misuse, Knife Crime and Anti-social behaviour. The package includes, resource packs, impactive films, on line games for younger students, regional training events and full evaluation.

Project – ‘Contender Am Box’

This was designed, risk assessed and is marketed by ‘The Clubs’ and was piloted by the Metropolitan Police Territorial Support Group during the school holidays of 2008 – 2009 and repeated in years 2010 – 2011. It is now fully endorsed by the NGB ‘England Boxing’ and universally delivered throughout England.

Designed to provide a pathway into sports clubs, this is a bespoke project delivered in modules of 1 to 15 days or as an ‘after school’ term long or ‘holiday’ programme. This provides diversionary activities for school children between 10 and 16 years.

Whilst the programme is now firmly based throughout the country, in order to extend the delivery across Greater London, we engaged and trained over 100 police officers and PCSOs who now hold Sports’ National Governing Body [NGB] qualifications and have delivered to over 2000 children and young people throughout London. Similar programmes have been delivered in West Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Cambridgeshire, Nottinghamshire and many other areas.

Importantly, this is not a police specific delivery and correctly trained Leaders and Coaches can and do continue to deliver throughout the country. [See below – we qualify the Leader to deliver this programme]

The programme includes non contact Olympic style boxing together with Citizenship modules which include all those subjects previously mentioned in this document ie: Bullying, Vandalism, Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol, Weapons, Guns Knife & Gang Crime and Children and Young People’s Safety on the WWW.

As this is entirely designed to be bespoke to the group / area of delivery, the Citizenship element can be focused on subjects of specific choice. It is therefore entirely bespoke and flexible in its delivery and content.

If you would like further information on our Contender Am-Box Programme please call our office on:
Tel: 01202 768758 | Office MB: 0777 6393538 | or e-mail on or Quoting ‘Contender Am Box’

Project – ‘Leader’s course’

This project which was again designed, risk assessed and is marketed by ‘The Clubs’ in order to provide a pathway into the sport of Olympic style boxing as a coach for those with no previous experience as a boxing athlete.

The one day course, fully endorsed bu England Boxing provides all the necessary skills to enable the student to qualify as a ‘Leader’ with full NGB Registration, DBS registration, PCCGB Registration and authority to deliver the above Contender Am-Box programme in any setting including ‘Schools’. Together with inclusive full year insurance in the sum of £5m this is one of the most cost-effective courses of its type in any UK sport.

If you would like further information on our Leader Programme please call our office on:
Tel: 01202 768758 | Office MB: 0777 6393538 | or e-mail on or Quoting ‘Leader’

Project – ’Tag Boxing’

This programme is the first UK wide ‘Tag’ resource designed exclusively by the Police Clubs in association with the England Boxing National Coach and the previous National Coach for Scotland who now leads the Australian National team.

The resource has many boxing related games which include ‘Tag Boxing’ which has been enthusiastically received by clubs, youth groups and schools.

It delivers a myriad of boxing skills in a fun and safe way which offers not only one off deliveries but enables schools to participate in inter house leagues ‘without a single punch being

This is the most exciting sport fun activity available and is not cost prohibitive!

If you would like further information on our ‘Tag Boxing’ resource please call our office on:
Tel: 01202 768758 | Office MB: 0777 6393538 | or e-mail on or Quoting ‘Tag Boxing’

Project – ’The Police Club’s Community Education Awards’

‘The Clubs’ Community Education Awards is a joint venture with our main publishing contractor Community Initiatives Associates and is an annual recognition and celebration of schools’ efforts to help children and young people to become positive community members. ‘The Clubs’ use the awards to identify and demonstrate the most innovative and effective programmes currently in use in schools and encourage the development of more projects that will have a positive impact on pupils.

The awards are separated into six categories:

Community, Environment, Finance, Health & Lifestyle, Individual / Mentor and Internet & Technology.

One of our brand ambassadors is Esther Rantzen CBE who has campaigned tirelessly for children’s rights for more than 20 years. Having first found fame as the presenter of That’s Life! – the BBC’s long-running consumer programme – she went on to set up ChildLine

Please visit our ‘Community Education Awards web site at:

Sports Academies in Prisons

The Police Clubs deliver sports academies in prisons, these can address the qualification of coaches and officials in many sports including; Association Football, Boxing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Basketball.

Prison Sports Academies lend themselves perfectly to our comprehensive portfolio of Citizenship programmes, which can be delivered by trained prisoners both within and beyond the gates before entering into a year-long mentoring programme upon their release from prison.

If you would like further information on our Sports Academies in Prisons Programme call our office on:
Tel: 01202 768758 | Office MB: 0777 6393538 | or e-mail on or Quoting ‘Prison Projects’

In Conclusion

The potential benefit of the work carried out by both organisations is huge. Both have a national network of ‘volunteer’ professionals to support the development and delivery of projects and a unique means of tapping into the ideas of children and young people. The various concepts are innovative, focused and at the forefront of current thinking on working with young people, tackling social exclusion and building sustainable communities.

I do hope that this has helped you to understand a little of the structure and work of the National Police Community Trust and the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain.

If you would like further details of any of our work – Please contact us at the address / telephone / e-mail shown below.

The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain
‘Windsor Lodge’
17 Tower Road [Level 1]
Dorset BH13 6HX
Telephone: 01202 768758
Central Office MB: 07776 393 538
The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain
‘Lark Rise’
Devon EX39 5HN