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Safeguarding Children Courses

Safeguarding and Protecting Children Courses

The ‘Police Clubs’ pride themselves in their engagement of only the very best professionals within their Child Protection Directorate. All those who deliver our services are serving or retired specialist police officers who are, or have been at the forefront of Child Protection investigations having played major roles in the whole spectrum of offences against Children and Young People.

All are or have been directly involved in the investigation of crimes from bullying, to serious sexual assault, child trafficking and murder, our officer’s draw on a wealth of experience to ensure a professional delivery whatever the service or course provided.

The Police Clubs certificated ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children’ course is tailored to your individual, company or organisational needs.

These courses delivered by serving or retired specialist police officers are presented as seminars of not less than four hours duration at the conclusion of which, each participant will be:

Made aware of and able to identify good practice in Child Protection;

Able to address their understanding and personal feelings regarding Child Protection;

Aware of the impact their responses may have on a child who have or may have been abused;

More informed and understanding of child abuse;

Aware of the correct response to various levels of suspected child abuse.

Upon completion of the course, each student will be assessed and if suitable will:

Be proficient in carrying out the lead Child Protect ion / Safeguarding role within a company, club or other organisation;

Receive a certificate acknowledging their attendance and skill levels in Child Protection matters;

Be competent to compile and administer a Child Protection Policy for your Company, Club or Organisation

All Companies, Clubs and other Organisations who have sponsored successful applicants in any of our Child Protection Courses shall be entitled to disclose this in any of their official media material, including ‘headed notepaper’ provided always that the intended material of disclosure is agreed by the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain in advance of such disclosure.

Consult the experts at:       

Telephone: 01202 768 758  or  MB: 0777 63 93 53 8