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CRB Disclosure Services

Criminal Records Bureau [CRB] Applications and Disclosures

The ‘Police Clubs’ pride themselves in their engagement of only the very best professionals within their Child Protection Directorate.

All those who deliver our services are serving or retired specialist police officers who are, or have been at the forefront of Child Protection investigations having played major roles in the whole spectrum of offences against Children and Young People.

As a registered and Umbrella Body of The Criminal Records Bureau [CRB] we rely on the combined experiences of a number of our officers when we address questions of Risk Assessment aligned to CRB Disclosure. This pool of expertise guarantees a concise, fully risk assessed review of any Disclosure allowing you the client to make informed decisions regarding the retention or recruitment of staff or volunteers.

We carry out a bespoke service to all our clients whether single applicant or multi-national corporates.

This service includes the provision of Joint Service Agreements, Joint Service Policies, secure storage, full and thorough Risk Assessments, secure databases of client applications and Disclosures and informed advice on all matters related to CRB Disclosure and recruitment.

All our services are based on the Disclosure application fee only. There are no other hidden fees or charges.

In many instances, where your volunteer or employee is required to pay for his / her CRB Disclosure – the entire service as outlined is free to the employer.

Our CRB Disclosure Service includes:

  • All documentation to complete a CRB Disclosure – free of charge;
  • Full scrutiny of all CRB Application forms before research  – free of charge;
  • The appointment of workplace CRB Document checkers [thus avoiding the requirement for documents being placed in the postal system] – free of charge;
  • Full risk assessment of all Disclosures – free of charge;
  • Risk based investigation into appropriate CRB Disclosures – free of charge;
  • For company / corporate clients, the provision of continually updated CRB Application and Disclosure databases – free of charge;

Consult the experts at:

The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain   

 Telephone: 01202 768 758   or    24hour MB: 0777 63 93 53 8

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