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Child Safeguarding Directorate

Police Community Clubs of Great Britain

Child Protection Courses – DBS Disclosure – Staff Provision – Related Services

The ‘Police Clubs’ pride themselves in their engagement of only the very best professionals within their Child Protection Directorate.

All those who deliver our services are serving or retired specialist police officers who are, or have been at the forefront of Child Protection investigations having played major roles in the whole spectrum of offences against Children and Young People.

All are or have been directly involved in the investigation of crimes from bullying, to serious sexual assault, child trafficking and murder, our officer’s draw on a wealth of experience to ensure a professional delivery whatever the service or course provided.

The ‘Police Clubs’ offer a number of services within the Child Safeguarding Directorate some of which are:

The provision of a secure, reliable and confidential Disclosure & Barring [DBS] service which would be tailor made to suit you, regardless of whether the service is for a single person or a multi-national company.

We also provide complete Investigation Services to those organisations involved in the care of Children and Young People in particular, National Governing Bodies of sport. In the sporting context we operate entirely within individual NGB procedures and protocols.

We deliver Safeguarding and Protecting Children courses all of which are tailored to you the client company or organisation, further, we specialise in courses for the whole spectrum of sports, again bespoke to each sport providing both an informative and relevant delivery.

We provide work place assessments and a variety of bespoke Child Protection Procedures and related documents which ensure that your company or organisation is and seen to be fully committed to the safety and protection of Children and Young People.

In brief terms, if you are seeking advice, investigation or consultancy placements, we provide a one stop solution – Contact us to discuss your requirements at:

The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain:
Telephone: 01202 768 758 or Central Staff MB: 07776 393538 
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